Top 9 Association’s For Women To Join in 2020

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Rebecca Stone
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As a women business owner or investor, it is important to build connections with like-minded professionals. If you currently looking for a network of women entrepreneurs or investors, we suggest joining a business association tailored to women. Continue reading to learn about nine top women’s organizations, included their benefits.

What Are the Top Women Business Associations?

1. National Association for Women Business Owners
2. American Business Women’s Association
3. Women’s Business Exchange
4. National Association for Female Executives
5. Women Investment Association
6. The Female Entrepreneur Association
7. Ladies Who Launch
8. Financial Women’s Association
9. Girls Incorporated

1. National Association for Women Business Owners

The National Association for Women Business Owners is one of the largest networking groups available to female entrepreneurs, with 10 million members across the U.S. The goal of this organization is to connect women entrepreneurs and educate them about business best practices. There is a modest, one-time fee of $100 to join this group, and an additional fee of $20-$30 per month depending on the type of membership you have. Once you’re a member, you’ll have unique perks such as Constant Contact tools, discounts on hotels and UPS services, and access to the eLearning series.

2. American Business Women’s Association

The American Business Women’s Association is an organization in which women of various professions connect to help each other grow both personally and professionally. In addition to online courses and webinars, there are more than 5,000 networking meetings hosted in 300 cities across the U.S. To join the American Business Women’s Association, you’ll need to pay an annual membership fee of $115, with an additional fee per local chapter. Benefits include discounts on insurance and car rentals and access to a career center, which includes resume services, career coaching, and a job posting board.

3. Women’s Business Exchange

The Women’s Business Exchange is an organization that helps women accelerate their careers. It is based in Seattle, and allows members to promote their business’s products or services at various events. In addition, the organization provides classes and leadership opportunities. To join, the annual membership fee is $250. Although a littler pricier than other organizations, members enjoy significant discounts, among other benefits.

4. National Association for Female Executives

The National Association for Female Executives is an organization inclusive of all female business professionals. There are 36 chapters across the country that provide resources in the form of education, networking and public advocacy. In addition, they host an annual leadership summit that provides training and skill building. If you’re interested in joining, the membership fee is only $39 per year!

5. Women Investment Association

Women Investment Association is an organization dedicated to  women investors, angel investors, private equity firms, VC’s, Family Office & Students who want to learn about investing. They provide resources in the form of education, networking and public advocacy. In addition, they host an annual women investors summit that provides education, networking & investment opportunities. If you’re interested in joining, the membership fee is free to students, $199 to premium members, & $299 to executive members!

6. The Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association is an online networking group that motivates women to turn their ideas into viable businesses. The benefits include weekly inspirational videos, business tips, a supportive social community, and educational courses. This diverse organization has over 5,000 members from more than 65 countries and spans across 700 industries. One of the most unique benefits they offer is the option to get matched with an accountability partner who can help you reach your professional goals. The fee to join this association is low, at $37 per month.

7. Ladies Who Launch

This organization’s goal is to inspire female entrepreneurs. It was created during a time when very little attention was being paid to women in business. Ladies Who Launch has now grown to over 100,000 women and offers free events, workshops, and resources. An example of some of the articles you will find on this site are tips on how to brand yourself and how to gain new clients. The site also includes templates for business plans and contractor agreements. All of this is free!

8. Financial Women’s Association (FWA)

Financial Women’s Association is a nonprofit professional organization established in 1956 by a group of Wall Street women. Its goals are: to advance professionalism in finance and in the financial services industry with special emphasis on the role and development of women, to attain greater recognition for women’s achievements in business, to encourage women to seek career opportunities in finance and business.

9. Girls Incorporated

Girls Incorporated is a national nonprofit youth organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. With roots dating to 1864, Girls Inc. has provided vital educational programs to millions of American girls, particularly those in high-risk, underserved areas.

Regardless of the organization you choose, joining a group of diverse women business professionals will expand your network and allow you to grow as a women business owner or investor. When joining one of these organizations, the benefits you will gain far exceeds the membership costs.


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