The US Tech industry could cripple due to President Trumps Immigration Ban

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Rebecca Stone
Editor in Chief of Female Investor Magazine Female Investor Magazine is dedicated to female investors success | #1 Source For Female Investors

Here’s how President Donald Trump’s immigration ban could seriously affect the tech sector. Just take a moment to think of the number of migrant workers, from parts of the world like Asia, China, and India head to the US to work in Silicon Valley. This supply of workers are not being cut off by this ban

According to research done by Pew Research Center, more than one million immigrants arrive in the US each year, although this figure has fallen in recent years.

In 2017, India accounted for most of the new foreign workforce, followed by Mexico, China, and Cuba.

Latha Olavatth at immigration specialist Newland Chase said this about the ban”This will definitely impact immigration movements into the IT sector in the US from India and China, being two countries with large migration numbers globally, China and India also have other business sectors where the ban will impact their movements to the States, further crippling trade and the economy adversely.”

Shaun Rein, managing director of the China Market Research Group had a lot on his mind to say about President Trump’s decision, like “Trump’s immigration ban will hurt US tech companies’ ability to recruit the talent necessary to remain competitive and focus on innovation,”.

US companies are now in constant warfare with Chinese tech firms working on things like 5G etc, companies such as Alibaba and ByteDance in the field of innovation.
“Now, with the immigration ban, more top Chinese, Indian, and other foreign talents will seek jobs in tech hubs globally like Shenzhen, Seoul, and Bangalore rather than Silicon Valley. They will push invention and innovation in software, hardware and in semi-conductors,” Mr. Rein added

It will be surprising to see what just 60 days of President Trumps Immigration Ban can do. The purpose of this ban is to do two things, firstly help to stop the spread of the COVID 19 and also to preserve and give opportunities for US citizens in the job market.

More on this is that policymakers have faced a lot of slow immigration as the number of Americans who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus downturn moves above six million.

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