Opinion: More Female Investors are Needed in the Entrepreneurial Industries Today

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Mungang Cynthia Nnam
Mungang Cynthia is a Geology teacher who finds writing about recent events around the world a bit more exciting than teaching. At female investor magazine, she writes news articles about recent related events around the world.

As the world slowly emerges with technology and business at the heart of its growth, more women investors are necessitated.

Beginning from an exceptional diversity to a significance on influence technologies, Female Angels who invest can practically reconstruct the tech/entrepreneurial companies for the better.

The fact that men invest more than women is undeniable. This is however backed by
– A survey by NVCA-American National Venture Capital Association which reports that only eleven to twenty percent of investors in the Venture Capital firms, USA, are women.
-Another report from ACA, Angel Capital Association, which states that only twenty-two percent of angel investors in the United States of America are women.
– And then the most recent research which demonstrates a direr situation in Europe, where women add up to only 14% of angel investors in the United Kingdom and 5% in France.

However, a swift search on the online record of an NGO startup Nation Central unveils that amongst tens of Israeli angels investors, the many who proposed reasons for such cases always related to one or more of the following claims.
First and foremost, they regard investments as high risks. Most women generally possess lower capital to invest, whereas several of their male counterparts had founded their industries beforehand, and are thus currently utilizing their exit money to invest.
They also believe that women have limited understanding and are inconsistent about investments than men.

Nurturing the latter reasoning constitutes the fact that there are considerably fewer women operating in investments than men.

Notwithstanding, Female Angels holding a major acting position in investment industries will automatically raise the total number of investors and hence the amount of available/accessible capital for Startups.

With an ever-increasing number of startups than available funds, promising startups can rarely always get the investments they need to keep them ‘sailing’.

Furthermore, studies show that several investors tend to avoid people they regard to be alike with them. While women investors will not certainly only avoid women, they may be further inclined than their male equivalents to invest in women-headed startups or businesses with a female co-founder.

This is supported by a report from Pitchbook, 2019, which analyzed the proportions in percentages of investment ratios based on the gender of the investors/founders/co-founders. The results affirmed that 2.7% of Venture Capital was invested in industries with strictly female founders, 11.8% in companies co-founded by both men and women, and the rest of the fund~85% was invested in startups and companies owned only by men.

Meanwhile, a 2013 paper by Harvard Business Review ascertains that workforce diversity spurs innovation and achievements. This is equally relevant when it comes to authors and investors. More women investors will mean higher diversity and innovation in investments thus extending the scope of fields supported by Venture Capital, with the most prominent being perhaps http://femaleangelinvestor.com created particularly for women and, hence greater successes.

ACA and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 2017 put forth another school of thought, explaining that, female angels are twice as probable to greatly consider the social impact of their investment than men. This can only designate one thing, which is, women who invest could make a huge positive impact on entire humankind.

Are you a prospective female investor/entrepreneur searching for a platform to belong, learn, and successively emerge beyond your imaginations? This http://femaleangelinvestor.com/ platform is carefully designed to meet your needs.

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