Online Learning Academy For Private Equity Fundamentals | Private Equity Certification 2020

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Rebecca Stone
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Have you always wanted to master the understanding of private equity? Now you can learn the fundamentals and language of private equity directly from market practitioners. Privcap Academy offers a powerful online learning platform that will give you deep insight into an industry that is changing the face of capitalism.

Privcap Academy is offered by Privcap Media, a team of private market editorial veterans who since 2011 have captured hundreds of hours of in-depth video interviews with top private capital investors and market participants.

Privcap Academy teaches you the fundamentals of an important and rapidly growing industry. Via an convenient online platform, you will learn to speak the language of private investing, learn the roles of the various market players, and learn the practices of the industry’s best investors – directly from market practitioners.

Who is it for?

  • Institutional investors
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Professionals with PE clients
  • Students


  • On-demand video instruction from expert market participants
  • Downloadable slide decks so you can follow along
  • Transcripts of each lesson
  • Module-by-module quizzes and a Certificate of Completion
  • Supplemental videos, articles and reports drawn from Privcap’s archive of 1,300+ video interviews


  • The basics of the private equity industry
  • How it differs from other assets
  • Its unique performance characteristics
  • Its cast of industry players
  • And the difference between the various sub-asset classes, such as buyouts and venture capital

Overview of our first private equity training course, Course 101, Fundamentals of the Private Equity Asset Class:

  • 150 minutes, 9 learning modules (see below)
  • How private equity compares to other asset classes
  • The “players” in the PE ecosystem
  • Intro to buyouts, venture capital, growth equity, distressed, mezzanine


  • Kelly Deponte, Probitas Partners
  • Brian Rich, Catalyst Investors

Tuition: $499.00 (Regular)// $199.00 (Student)

Private Equity Training Courses

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