Luxury Apartment in Singapore- Guide to Buy the Best One

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Luxury Apartment in Singapore- Guide to Buy the Best One

Luxury apartment- It is a very common term, attracting most of the property buyers. For the past 5 to 7 years, we have been familiar to this term. But, what does this ‘luxury apartment or condo’ refer to? The first thing, which comes up in our mind, is that a luxury apartment is a refurbished accommodation with superb layout.

Now, let us clarify you the topic – What does the term luxury mean to an apartment buyer?

High-end features with attractive design-

You can find a high-end setup by investing in the luxury apartments. In the regular apartments, there are only standard appliances, carpet and laminate counter-tops. Now, when it is your luxury condo in Singapore, you would have stainless steel, perfectly finished appliances, tiled or hardwood floors and stone counters.

Simultaneously, the exterior side also comes with the upgraded and sophisticated features. For instance, you may find glass or steel structures, a welcoming entrance and professional landscaping. You will surely enjoy these features in the luxury condominium for sale in Singapore.

Presence of on-site amenities-

These on-site amenities can transform your lifestyle and you would get the utmost comfort from them. Pools, fitness centres, movie theaters, playground, gym room, rooftop decks and a lot- these are common amenities in most of the luxury condos.

Apart from these amenities, you can find the location of your condo at a convenient site. Located mostly in the metropolitan areas, these condos enable you to move to any part of the city due to easy transportation facility.

Spacious accommodation

The quality infrastructure and the spacious rooms- These are major indicators to identify luxury apartments. Thus, you will find higher ceilings, bigger windows for every room and a good amount of square footage. What’s more, there are master bathrooms, large bedroom and stunning modular kitchen.

Modern wiring’s for your everyday needs

Internet connectivity and high-speed cables are must for modern lifestyle. You can find pre-wired apartments, removing your concern to set up internet connection.

Concierge and security measures-

A concierge in luxury apartments Singapore can serve you 24 hours. He is ready to help you in different ways- arranging the cleaning service, calling a cab for you and a lot of other activities.

Moreover, in the luxury condos, you can find the technologically advanced security systems. You will stay fully secure in the premise.

Guide to buy luxury condo

You have understood what a luxury condo is. Now, let us guide you on how to buy the luxury condominium in the Southeast Asian country, like Singapore. Strict laws, high standard developers and modern business practices- these are common attractions to the investors.

Condos in Singapore are attractive not only to the Singaporeans but also to the foreigners, looking to establish their business.

Where to buy property in Singapore-

To buy condo, you need to be familiar to every part of Singapore.

• Eastern Singapore- It is close to airport and MRT station, you can easily travel to central business districts.

• Northern Singapore- You can find the ultimate level of urbanization. Financially and aesthetically, it is the appealing part of the country.

• Western Singapore- It is known for greenery, parks and pollution-free environment.

Property taxes

Property tax can be slightly higher in Singapore. However, this tax is in two different forms- One is the yearly property tax, while another one is the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty. You have to pay ABSD for purchasing condo.

The foreigners have to pay 15% of their overall condo value. Now, in case of the permanent Singapore residents, they have to pay only 5% on the first deal and then 10% on other deals.

Tax rates are different, based on whether you reside in the condo or rent it out.

Now, you can make your decision on buying home in Singapore. It is very easy to own a new apartment or condo in this country. Moreover, the presence of high-quality property builders is the major reason behind the fastest development of real estate market in this nation. Find the best condo in Singapore and get benefits from it.

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