Introducing the Largest Pitch Summit for Female Founders and Female Investors In One Night Exclusively 

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Mungang Cynthia Nnam
Mungang Cynthia is a Geology teacher who finds writing about recent events around the world a bit more exciting than teaching. At female investor magazine, she writes news articles about recent related events around the world.

At the May 2021 San Diego Summit, we want to view a society where everyone with a promising idea has the opportunity to bring it to life. We aim to help expedite innovation by connecting female entrepreneurs to the support, contacts, and expertise they need. 

To achieve this, we must explore opportunities to promote the ablest minds and foster diversity within our society. We hold that diversity promotes various viewpoints which are estimable for any business.

Research has shown that diverse and women-led teams function better over different metrics and create higher financial profits. Still, women are continuously being sidelined, getting only a small fraction of investment capital compared to their male counterparts.

Statistics show that only 2.2% of the one hundred and thirty billion of venture capital money invested in 2018 went to women founders. 

We desire to be part of improving that record for the better, one of the reasons we have organised this prime event. 

The Female Founders’ Pitch Summit May 2021 is an exclusive event for female founders and investors with the mission to fund more women business owners.

At this event, founders will have the possibility to network with venture capitalists, private equity, private investors and a respectable network of company leaders. Strengthening these connections will be crucial as they scale their company.  

If you own a business, have a concept for a startup, or looking to fund your business or are ready to invest in female-owned businesses, you don’t want to miss this extraordinary summit.

Join hundreds of top female founders and female investors at to support the mission of ‘we fund females’ looking to fund your business.  

Register today to encourage change in the way female businesses are funded, to fund more women and or to become a better female investor. Join now and get set for a night of innovation, engagement, and heterogeneity powered by some of the ablest women in the world of women in business. 



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