Introducing Sreeyan LLC, A U.S Tech Company Proficient In Conversion Of Legacy Systems To Cloud-based Technologies

Sreeyan is a company with vision. They plan to be one of the most financially sound and highly-respected organizations in San Antonio so that they can hire more military veterans.

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USA (May 1, 2020) Sreeyan LLC is a U.S Tech Company located in San Antonio that is adept at the conversion of legacy systems to cloud-based technologies.

The company is proficient in custom web and UI design, web analytics, software solutions for businesses, and advanced technology such as Bigdata Implementation; Data Design and Support; Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; Distributed Backend Systems, amongst others.

According to the company CEO, Vinod Malineni: “Innovation that makes a difference is at the heart of what we do. SREEYAN is with you to simplify the complexities of business and technology, delivering the insights, solutions, and also the outcomes that matter the most. We unite our industry expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure, applications, and Services of business processes. We couple that with a winning combination of teamwork and a commitment to put our client’s needs first”.

Sreeyan is a company with vision. They plan to be one of the most financially sound and highly-respected organizations in San Antonio so that they can hire more military veterans.

The company is heavily into Philanthropy. According to Vinod: “From what we get, we give back. Giving back to reputable, integral organizations that serve veterans is important to us. We will earn the respect of the community we serve by practicing what we preach regarding veterans.”

Vinod, the CEO and Chief Engineer of Sreeyan, has had extensive service in the tech industry, and he has no problem exclaiming that tech projects are his passion and loves it when a plan comes together. Vinod has a heart for hiring military veterans since he served honorably in the U.S. Army War as a combat medic and that is why he is constantly looking ahead to pay it forward.

Continuing, Vinod said: “We build things to last. People will work for a shared purpose, something more than just making money. Shared values hold a company together, and this cohesiveness proves to lead to greater productivity and ingenuity in the long run over highly-skilled employees. Traditional, top-down management doesn’t work in this day and age. Values-based leadership is the best way to go”.

For more information, please visit

Media Contacts:

Sreeyan LLC

Phone: 786 374 8154


Address: 110 E Houston street 7 floor suite 235

San Antonio TX 78205



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