New Book Teaches Women How to Become Wealthy Private Investors

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Rose Vitale
Rose Vitale created the largest online network of female angel investors. Her goal & mission is to help other women who want to become successful female investors understand the process to becoming a female investor.

New Book Teaches Women How to Become Wealthy Private Investors

Female Investors Can Dramatically Change the Landscape of Funding for Women-Owned Businesses


/ — In 2019, women business owners received less than 3% of all venture capital funding in the United States. There is an immense opportunity for female investors to fill the void of financing for women-owned businesses. The eBook The Science of Becoming a Female Investor teaches women how to influence the investment landscape by directly investing in female-owned companies.

While men are more likely to talk about their financial investments and educate each other openly, women tend to shy away from conversations about money. Nearly half of all women who aren’t investors cite a lack of confidence as their primary reason for not investing. The investment secrets exposed in this book will empower women to start investing with confidence.

In this book, author, entrepreneur, and investor Rose Vitale shares the science behind becoming a wealthy female investor with aspiring and new investors. This book discusses how women can build wealth by investing in private companies. It also explores why women investors are generally more successful and more likely to generate significant returns on their investments than male investors. Finally, the book offers practical advice for finding companies to invest in and determining what elements make a business a viable investment option.

The Science of Becoming a Female Investor is available now from Amazon.

Rose Vitale, also known as The Female Angel Investor, created the Female Angel Investors Network to educate women on how to become successful private investors. The platform is the only one of its kind that connects female investors with women business owners to dramatically increase capital funding for women-owned businesses in all industries.

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How to Become Wealthy Private Investors

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