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Rose Vitalehttps://femaleangelinvestor.com
Rose Vitale created the largest online network of female angel investors. Her goal & mission is to help other women who want to become successful female investors understand the process to becoming a female investor.

Female Founders Network

Female Founders Network exists to provide meaningful connections with other founders and funders, allowing access to capital, visibility, mentorship and sponsorship. We provide resources, business networking, marketing, promotion, coaching, events, podcasts, speaking, scholarships, grants and more to businesswomen.

Love What You Do – and Why:

Many women think money isn’t what motivates them and that’s okay. Many say that their meaningful relationships with their work is what drives them and not money or prestige. We get that.
Do the right thing, in the most valuable way possible and the money will flow your way. Female Founders Network will help you embrace your abilities and beliefs that you can do something really interesting and innovative – that will make you money.

Know Your Strengths:

Female Founders Network will help you know your strengths and play to them, recognizing your zone of genius and your purpose. When you combine your passion with your skills, you’ll find yourself doing what you love. That’s your purpose.
Identifying what you’re good at, then combining that with what the market needs or wants, lies at the heart of a winning formula.

Never Stop Learning

Keep learning. Female Founders Networ k,s offers the tools to help you continue learning new and relevant lessons on what to do and how. We will help you understand the value of what you offer and how to differentiate yourself and your services.

Connect and Care

Gaining a real connection with others on a similar journey in the Female Founders Network and your customers and being able to give back on a daily basis will be a truly satisfying part of operating your business.

Stay Focused

Starting a business will inevitably pull your attention towards competing priorities and subject you to criticism and doubt, calling for tenacity and self-belief. In times of doubt, Female Founders Network will encourage you to keep moving through the challenges. Your journey might take very different paths and you have to just keep at it one step at a time – and you will come out on top.

Seek Support

It is vitally important to have a strong support network to help with overcoming business challenges and to mitigate the unique factors that expose entrepreneurs to stress and struggles.


3705 W. Pico Blvd. Suite 15535
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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